Starting a business in the so-called third world…

A piece of Cambodian jungle:

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The Expat

See the green grass on the other side?

The Boy and the Sapphire

A story from the rough edges of globalization

‘Trouble in Madagascar’ – The Audiobook

Finished: Trouble in Madagascar

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“On his day off, gem trader Edward Bristol enjoys the sunrise on an African beach. Until a mobile rings in the sand. Somebody must have lost their phone in the night. Edward answers, not suspecting that the caller will ruin his day. Soon after, he is kidnapped, escapes into the savanna, but again is hunted down and finally swept up in revolution, corruption and international deal making.”

The full novel is now available for Kindle and Apple.

Paperback is available here.

Thanks for all your feed-back. I hope to start a new Ed Bristol story sometimes this year.