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Bespoke jewelry: 22 carats of alexandrite and diamonds in platinum.


New Business
New Worlds

Sharing the experiences of a start-up in so-called ‘developing countries’ has always been a fun part within the challenges that such a venture includes.

Over the decades, many personal experiences had to be processed, a mother’s death or murder, health or politics. Those might find a new home sometimes, but till then I cannot get myself to delete or hide them. Since they have even less reason d’etre on WildFish or LinkedIn they stay here for now..

If you’re looking solely for business expertise ignore those. However, many are influenced by life as global citizen (except perhaps in “Demuth”). My gem-trader novels are inhabited by real people and situations experienced as an entrepreneur in wild and unregulated countries. Formally, the genre is called autobiographic fiction. *  

The notation of ‘developing’ does not describe modern reality. Instead, the old 3rd World is using technology to leapfrog past the former masters, using digital tools in ways that are possible only in unregulated markets. Yes, they depend on technology invented elsewhere, but we won’t switch the networks off, even if we could. Why? Because there is no more we and them. It’s only us now.

Hundreds ifs, and buts, odds and details come to mind, yet they all crumble under analysis and the force of time, the eternal winner. Our digital future is inevitable. Only a meteor strike could stop the world from turning. No pandemics, not global warming, less any politicians can stand in its way for long. Some scenarios we fear most, but appear inept to stop, will even hasten progress, terrible as that sounds and will be. Ever since one of our ancestors counted beyond his ten fingers, the human future was sealed. 

BUT: How that future will look like depends entirely on us. This shall be our topic.

I will report from the edges of globalization, help those who want in and those who want out, I’ll find local and global heroes, bash ignorance and laziness wherever possible, encourage managers and consumers judging right from wrong as they gaze down a products’ supply-chain.

We will develop digital opportunities for market entries, identify local products to go global, discuss logistic challenges, teaching how to work around cultural differences and using local competence.

Learning from strategies gone wrong, we suggest using technology to garner worldwide attention, measuring local scale and scope, or support local companies to join the global stage through clever digital marketing.

This all, while respecting limited natural resources, treating humans and animals with  fairness, distributing wealth according to personal abilities, not color, gender or blood-relation.

Edward Bristol, 03.2020

* Rule three for writers, especially young ones, is ‘stick to what you know’. True, it helps. However, describing something utterly out of range may be the final challenge. Describing how a medieval woman discovers her pregnancy in “Demuth” (p. 116-117) filled me and an eternity of work with existential despair. Those two pages took as long as several chapters in “Madagascar” or “Kenya”, which went smooth as cheese-creme-cake, no problems, only fun. In fact, I started those novels only as side-projects on weekends for a distraction of my brain while working on “Demuth”. 


15 Comments on “About and Why”

  1. Georgette Oden says:


    Love your new site and look forward to seeing more of your thoughts!

    By the way, I’m loving the Tanzanian sapphire I got from you this spring… it’s happily resting on my left hand in my engagement ring. I get so many compliments on my unusual choice and the elegant cognac color. Thank you!

    Take care,

  2. Julie says:

    Edward, been looking at your site for two years now. Have not bought anything yet- saving up and will be gettin married soon. I have learned more from your wildfish site then any of the educationcal sites available in the “mainstream” market you find in the US.

    Now to convince the fiance to get me the demantoid instead of a ruby or saphire.

    Thanks and keep doing what you are doing.


  3. Mike says:

    Hi Ed,
    today the world holds its breath: who will win the elections in the States? Did you know that nearly all Germans would vote for BO?

    Many thanks for your interesting to read written thoughts here on your new URL. I came across your site because I searched for a nice tugtupite.
    Your offers are very interesting, and one can be lucky having seen all different types of sapphires e.g.! I wished I wouldn’t have been forced to buy 4,000 liters heating oil this summer… Then I would still have the money for a nice star sapphire.

    I am busy creating an educational, non-profit website about gems and their minerals. If you could give me permission to show something from your online photos I would be very happy. Ah, my site: http://www.realgems.org.

    With best regards from Germany,

  4. Heet Jardosh says:

    Hi Edward I wanted a 3 carat untreated oval shape red coral (jyotiish quality) and I am living in UK.

    I have heard the place to get it is in Italy, Torre Del Greco. I wanted to know if you have any associates or could advice me the best way to get hold of this or maybe a associate in Uk preferable.

    There are too many cowboys promising loads of things so I thought I would ask you.

    If I purchased it from your site I would have to pay customs tax and I want to avoid this unless I dont have to as its my first time.

    Could you please reply to the following email.

    Thank you

  5. jeff says:

    HI ED–





  6. Teh Poey King says:

    Dear Sir,

    Hi, I get to know you from study gemology in Myanmar on internet. I am from Malaysia. I had a gem laboratory. Please read my website asiagemologist.com. I am interested to link with somebody in Myanmar who hold a agency from FGA to teach gemology in Malaysia. I wonder if you can help. Thanks.


  7. nirmala says:

    keep writing…

    • edwardbristol says:


      Thanks, it is a long story…. 🙂

      I try my best while earning a living as gemstone trader.

  8. Ivan says:


    The sites are awesome and your writing informative, insightful and entertaining.
    I keep coming back time and again just to learn.

    I’ve developed a company/d2d business since and I can definitely attest to everything you said about Lanka so far. The land of creative chaos. 🙂

    Best wishes,


  9. Ed keep up the good work.

    I used to do much the same but it only cost me money in legal fees for speaking the truth defending myself against many charlatans.

    I enjoy reading your blog and seeing the pictures especially those of the old colonial Burmese architecture trapped in time.

    I wish you well and look forward to reading more of your adventures from the comfort of my home realising how fortunate we are compared to many others.

    Be well, be safe and Seasons Greetings

    Daniel F Katz GG
    Diamond Imports Pty Ltd
    Sydney Australia

  10. here says:

    Wanted to drop a remark and let you know your Feed isnt functioning today. I tried adding it to my Bing reader account and got absolutely nothing.

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