Warning GOOD scammer (I ignore 100 a day but they got me!). In respect for that, they deserve a High-five. Well done!

LocalOffice24 NL is a SCAM.

Sat, Aug 1, 9:45 AM (1 day ago):

LocalOffice24 Support:

Go Fuck Yourself  🖕

Business As Usual at LocalOffice24

LocalOffice24 wishes to reassure you that we remain fully committed to ensuring the continuity of our services in spite of the current circumstances. Our contingency plans are fully operational to ensure LocalOffice24 maintains the highest standards while fully adhering to the authorities’ instructions.
Kind regards,


WhatsApp:                +316 10 60 90 30

E-Mail:                       support@localoffice24.com

Website:                     www.localoffice24.com

UK:                              44 73 80 30 80 85                         

Give them a call!