This is the MP3 Link to download the story for the car or such…

The sequel is ready: Adventures of a Gem Trader Book Two

Here is the first hour of my new novel DEMUTH.

This novel does NOT deal with gemstones or 3rd world business but recounts the adventures of a medieval woman, Demuth, and her Viking dog, Hal.

Germany, 1499 AD:
The Renaissance is dawning over Europe. Ideas of freedom and science shake the foundations of medieval society. New Worlds, discovered in the West, open unprecedented opportunities for Europe and its oppressed people.

Demuth, the successful but eccentric apothecary, knows little about these developmentsā€¦ until she is forced to flee from a witch-hunt and must leave her protected life for good.

With Hal by her side and a pouch of opium around her neck, Demuth learns that the world is much bigger than she had ever imagined.

Listen to Part I: Lives End!

The full audio-book will be available for Kindle and IPad soon. A print version is in production.

Starting a business in the so-called third world…

A piece of Cambodian jungle:

The dog in the channel

The Expat

See the green grass on the other side?


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